Keryn & Bryce

Phuket, Thailand

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Dear Anna and the team!

I wanted to express my deepest thank you for making our wedding day exactly how we had imagined!

Bryce and I were engaged at a beautiful resort in Phuket, so started to ask questions and had a few meetings with the resort when we were there but comunication via email became tricky and we had our heart set on certain things that they now said couldn’t be done.

The resort had never done a wedding at the lake restaurant, or a reception for 50 in the private Villa, and were making it all a lot harder than it had to be!

I then came across Take us to Thailand through a magazine article and got in touch with them. They were amazing! From that moment I didn’t have to email anyone in Thailand, Take us to Thailand were so helpful in making sure everything was just as we wanted. They met with the resort in person and were able to ‘make it happen’ and persisted until the resort agreed on the locations we wanted!

We wanted the day and night to be as close to our experience when we were there as possible, from the buggy ride through the resort, to the locations, to the food we ate on the night we got engaged and the favorite cocktails of our holiday.

I think I must have emailed Anna a million times, and I would have probably pulled the pin on Thailand had I not had their help.

The suggestions of celebrant, dj and photographer were brilliant and we could never have found this caliber of professionals on our own.

The accommodation for us and guests were perfect, although it wasn’t originally the area we wanted, we trusted their suggestions and loved it! Guests still talk about how great both resorts were and I’m dying to go back! Trust them, they’ve seen it all and really do have guests best interests at heart!

Take us to Thailand organized our welcome drinks/party which was just fantastic, delicious food, drinks and such a nice way to welcome and thank guests for travelling to Thailand for our special day.

We wanted an elephant for the day and when ours cancelled the night before Take us to Thailand was quick to arrange another one and to our surprise it was an adorable baby elephant who just stole the show! When people see our photos they can’t believe we had an elephant!

The wedding day was smooth running and it was so nice not to worry about the details, everything was perfect and exactly how we wanted.

We can’t thank the team at Take us to Thailand enough and could not have done it without them!

Wish we could do it all again tomorrow!