Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are many questions that come with a destination wedding.  If your question is not below, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help!

  • What is included in the planning fee?

    The planning fee is a flat fee amount and not dependant on the amount that you spend on your wedding.  Included in the planning fee:

    • a customised venue selection process that will take into account your budget and all other priorities for your wedding and group holiday and match you with the most suitable venue
    • personalised wedding website
    • planning and styling of your wedding
    • selection, booking and payment of preferred suppliers
    • managing group accommodation and RSVP’s
    • wedding day schedule and supplier list
    • budget management
    • single point of contact
  • How much involvement do I have in the planning process?

    This is totally up to you! For those that love to be involved in all aspects of planning, our boutique service is perfect for you.  This is a highly collaborative process that allows for a combination of your input and our expertise to create your perfect day.  Alternatively, if you want to hand over the reigns to the experts, our package options showcase the best of our experience. You can choose what is important to you and leave the planning up to us.

  • Can I complete a legal wedding in Thailand?

    While many couples choose to get married in their home country prior to arriving in Thailand, it is certainly possible to have a legal wedding in Thailand. The legalities must be completed in Bangkok which will take 3 business days.  We will guide you through the process and arrange all required appointments as well as the Thai representative to be present at your ceremony to make it official. For those choosing to get legally married in their home country, your Thailand ceremony will still look and feel official to all those attending.

  • Why should I use a planner rather than the Resort Planner or DIY?

    It is possible to plan your wedding yourself or go directly to a resort or hotel, however hosting a destination wedding involves a lot of planning and can easily become overwhelming and stressful.  Many resort planners change frequently and you may not have a single point of contact during the planning. We are independent and have 13 years of experience and can anticipate and solve problems that you may not even have thought about. We know what works and will ensure that your budget is maximised and your stress is minimised. We not only care about your wedding, but the experience and holiday of your entire group.  The cost of a planner is easily covered by the savings that you will make.

  • Where are you based?

    We are Melbourne based, however, we are in Thailand frequently. Our clients are from all over the world and we frequently connect via skype, phone and email, or in person where possible. We have established solid relationships with many venues and suppliers in Thailand and base all recommendations on our years of experience. While it is optional to have us attend your event, we are on the ground for almost all events and will ensure your event is stressfree and most of all fun!

  • Do you co-ordinate all the suppliers?

    We certainly do.  You can rely on our expertise to source the most suitable suppliers for your needs.  We will handle all payments and liaise directly with the suppliers on your behalf.  Where appropriate, we will arrange for you to meet or talk to the supplier before your wedding. For example, we will put you in touch with your celebrant to discuss your vows and your DJ to discuss your music preferences.

  • Can we have children at our wedding?

    Yes! Thai people love children and are extremely welcoming and caring. It may not always be appropriate to have children involved in all aspects of the day, so we are certainly able to organise babysitting facilities that suit all requirements.

  • What if it rains on my wedding day?

    While we can’t control the weather, we will always advise you on the best time of year to hold your wedding, depending on your priorities.  A rain back up is essential and we will always ensure that this is discussed and factored into your plans.

  • Can you organise same sex marriages?

    We have organised same-sex marriages in Thailand with great success.  Thailand is a welcoming culture and ceremonies and celebrations can be personalised to match your requirements.

  • Do you organise flights?

    We do not organise flights, however, through the information provided on your personalised wedding website, guests will have access to the best way to book flights and discounted accommodation.

  • Are you able to conduct multicultural weddings?

    We live in a truly global world and have planned weddings for couples of many different nationalities and faiths. We are well versed in planning multi-event Indian weddings and all the cultural elements involved.  We have also done many Jewish weddings and traditional Thai ceremonies. We have celebrants that can conduct services in many different languages.

  • How will you create my desired look / theme for my wedding?

    We have a designated team member to style your wedding.  Through collaboration and sharing of ideas, our design expert Rachel will bring your vision to life. Working within your budget, she can help both those looking for guidance and inspiration and those who have been dreaming of this day for a long time!

    If you have chosen one of our package options, you can choose a theme and colour scheme and leave the rest up to us!