Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate there are many questions that come with a destination wedding.  If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help!

  • Do you arrange other Thailand events beyond weddings?


    With over 15 years of experience inspecting venues for events and accommodation throughout Thailand, and managing group airport – hotel transfers, negotiating accommodation rates, putting together simple to very styled meals and parties, we are well positioned to source the perfect location for your next corporate getaway or birthday celebration, or even a personalised holiday to Thailand.

    Our corporate clients book their annual conferences with us, and enjoy a unique experience each year, with the same high quality service, transparency and practical assistance with admin and local knowledge/relationships to improve the quality and value of their time in Thailand.


  • What is included in your planning fee?

    Our planning fee is included in our Thailand wedding packages. For our more premium & customised Boutique Service, the planning fee is a flat fee amount and not dependant on or adjusted by the amount that you spend on your wedding.  Included in the planning fee:

    • A customised venue selection process that will take into account your budget and all other priorities for your wedding and group holiday and match you with the most suitable venue and guest accommodation options nearby.
    • Personalised, private wedding website.
    • Planning and styling of your wedding.
    • Selection, booking and payment of best in class suppliers.
    • Managing all guest accommodation, transfers, RSVP’s.
    • Managing dietary requirements & children’s meals.
    • Wedding day schedule and supplier list.
    • Budget management for your wedding and holiday.
    • Single point of contact and continuity throughout your planning.
    • Pre wedding meeting once in Thailand and walk through of your venue and plans.
    • On the day management from getting ready to guest transport home.
    • Pre and post events to complete your celebrations, such as welcome sunset cocktails and a recovery beach club bbq.
  • How much involvement do we have in the planning process?

    This is totally up to you! We’ll always encourage you to personalise things as much as possible, which often adds no extra cost to your plans.

    For those that love to be involved in all aspects of planning, our Boutique Service is perfect for you.  This is a highly collaborative process that allows for a combination of your input and our expertise to create your perfect day.  Taking this service also means you can get involved in the elements of your day that you’re most interested in and excited by, such as your styling (flowers, lighting etc), or menus and drinks, or photography etc, but leave all the admin/negotiation/guest management to us and enjoy a relaxed engagement and holiday once in Thailand.

    Alternatively, if you want to hand over the reigns to the experts, our package options showcase the best of our experience, for a fixed price. You can choose what is important to you and leave the planning up to us.

  • Can I complete a legal marriage in Thailand?

    While many couples choose to get married in their home country prior to arriving in Thailand, or upon returning home, it is certainly possible to have a legal wedding in Thailand for most nationalities. These legalities must be partially undertaken in Bangkok, which will take up to three business days.

    We will guide you through the process and arrange all required appointments as well as the Thai council representative to be present at your ceremony to make it official. For those choosing to get legally married in their home country, your (non-legal) symbolic wedding ceremony in Thailand will still look and feel official to all those attending; we’ll arrange a certificate and you can have witnesses, and personalise your ceremony. The celebrant is not the person who makes your marriage legal in Thailand.

  • Why Take us to Thailand?

    For a quality & personalised event; with transparent planning, clear communication and complete group accommodation and budget management, backed by over 15 years experience.

    We are up there with the most, if not the most, experienced Thailand wedding planners. Where many others planning businesses have changed ownership, we offer quality practical advice and recommendations backed by our extensive experience and solid relationships to ensure the quality of your day and holiday. Client expectations have consistently been exceeded, and guests have returned for holidays year on year.

    As well as providing continuity throughout your planning, with us as your single contact point for all things wedding, group holiday and honeymoon,  communication is clear, and our clients plan from start to finish with the same key contacts. As we know what you’re after, and what works in Thailand, we can improve things for you without you even asking for particular things, and we can answer most queries without delay, with the knowledge we have accumulated.

    We operate a professional, insured, Australian registered business and are passionate about you and your guests enjoying the very best of Thailand for your holiday and wedding. We guide our clients through their Thailand wedding and holiday planning so they can relax and enjoy their engagement, and time once in Thailand and leave the admin to us, getting involved in the elements they are most interested in when it suits them.

    Guests can contact us for individualised trip planning and to clarify anything in the lead up to your trip. We include a private, personalised wedding website to each couple, and manage your guest invitations, rsvps, dietary requirements, and accommodation bookings with discounted rates.

    Planning is transparent, anytime a decision will impact your costs estimate we’ll make it clear to you, and there are no bills the day after your wedding/on check out that you weren’t aware of.  Everything is prepaid two months prior to your event, and unless you ask for extra things on the night, which is very unlikely, there wont be any surprise costs.

    We know what’s in season, what’s stylish, what’s not, and we’re always happy to chat/meet to clarify. We’ll never just book something in for you that’s not suitable in Thailand or dreadful value, we’ll guide you through your preferences with the suite of knowledge we can share with you.

    We recommend quality, boutique type properties. Not wedding factories without privacy or with rules that limit a good party. Typically, our clients want a brilliant celebration with those closest to them in a relaxed setting, with a great party (dance floor!), and the best meal of the trip, with plentiful drinks and quality entertainment/service, all in a beautiful setting. We know the group makes the party, and we want to ensure the event flows beautifully, and plans are in place to cover all contingencies, and for it to be even better than expected and look beautiful. You’re welcome to have Royal quantities of beautiful Thai/imported flowers to style your wedding, but we certainly wont be pushing this – we want your event to be stylish as well as cost effective, and will guide you through ways to manage costs to maximise the events you can host for your group in Thailand.

  • Why should I use a planner rather than the Resort Planner or DIY?

    It is possible to arrange your wedding yourself or go directly to a resort, however hosting a destination wedding involves a lot of planning, unknowns, negotiation and management of guests, and this can easily become overwhelming and stressful and see unforeseen costs and or inconvenient requirements mount quickly.  Many resort planners change properties/roles frequently to further their career so it is very likely you will not have a single point of contact during your planning and will need to re-start/confirm your planning repeatedly.

    We are independent, working on your behalf and providing advice geared to genuinely assist and save you and your guests, across a range of budgets and properties and suppliers, backed by fifteen years of experience. We don’t mind how much you spend, so long as you’re aware of what you’ll receive and it matches your priorities. We’re equally as happy to suggest multiple accommodation options rather than the one, and understand what groups need. As well as continuity throughout your planning, and our suggestions being based on your needs and Thailand knowledge rather than selling a particular venue, we anticipate and solve problems that you may not even have thought of. We know what works and will ensure that your budget is maximised and your stress is minimised. We not only care about your wedding, but the experience and holiday of your entire group.

    The cost of a planner is typically easily covered by the savings that you will make throughout your planning, with practical advice and our experience, local knowledge and relationships. Planning together, you’ll have lots more quality options to choose from to customise your event with, rather than just locking in something to have it finalised or because it was the only option. You can be reassured your wedding will be personalised, superior quality, and the best value and that you’ll be able to relax between now and getting home after your wedding and receiving your photos/video.

  • Where are you based?

    We are Australian based, in Melbourne. Visiting Thailand very frequently, we are passionate about being up to date with the very best on offer throughout Thailand for our clients based internationally, particularly in Australia, NZ, the UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Europe and the Middle East.  We often connect via video calls, phone and email, and in person where possible.

    We act on our client’s behalf and are independent from the venues/suppliers we recommend, but have established very solid relationships with many venues and suppliers in Thailand and base all recommendations on our 15+ years of experience. We are on the ground for almost all events and will ensure your event is stress free and fun! All events will have an experienced event manager and many, many wonderful key vendors/staff involved in your special day.

    Offering both AUD and THB payment facilities, including credit card/paypal payments, we’re well established to service our international client base.

  • Do you coordinate all the suppliers/vendors?

    We certainly do.  You can rely on our expertise to source the most suitable suppliers for your needs.  We will handle all payments and liaise directly with the suppliers on your behalf.  Where appropriate, we will arrange for you to meet or talk to the supplier before your wedding. For example, we will put you in touch with your celebrant to discuss your vows and ceremony service, your DJ to discuss your music preferences and your hair and make up artist to discuss preparation and timings for your day, but you can expect the best, and leave the administration to us.

  • Can we have children at our wedding and can babysitting be arranged?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Children’s meals and activities can be arranged as you wish.

    Thai people love children and are extremely welcoming and caring. We are certainly able to organise babysitting that suits all requirements, on site at your venue, so parents can easily check on their children where desired.

  • What if it rains on my wedding day?

    While we can’t control the weather, we will always advise you on the best time of year to hold your wedding, depending on your priorities and seasonal weather and pricing in Thailand.  A rain back up is essential and we will always ensure that this is discussed and factored into your plans. We focus on proposing venues to you where the back up plan is of no extra charge, and is a beautiful venue, so regardless of the weather, you have a dry and memorable night. If it rains during your ceremony time, we’ll usually just delay things a bit or relocate to another nice spot that’s covered at the venue, but this rarely ever happens.

  • Can you organise same sex marriages?

    We have organised same-sex marriages in Thailand with great success.  Thailand is a welcoming culture and ceremonies and celebrations can be personalised to match your requirements. You will need to complete your marriage legalities at home, as most of our couples do regardless, to save on marriage admin whilst on holidays, but a beautiful symbolic celebrant led ceremony with resort certificate and fabulous party will be arranged.

  • Do you organise flights?

    We do not organise flights, however, through the information provided on your personalised wedding website, guests will have access to the best way to book flights and discounted accommodation, which we handpick for each group based on your venue and guest demographics.

  • Are you able to conduct multicultural weddings?

    Of course! The majority of our clients bring together guests from at least two countries or live away from their home country. We have planned weddings for couples of many different nationalities and faiths. We are well versed in planning multi-event Indian weddings and all the cultural elements involved.  We have also arranged many Jewish weddings and traditional Thai ceremonies, as well as Muslim weddings and Chinese Tea Ceremonies. We have celebrants that can conduct services in many different languages and we delight in seeing groups bring their families and friends together in Thailand.

  • How will you create my desired look / theme for my wedding?

    We have a designated team member to style your wedding.  Through collaboration and sharing of ideas, our design expert Rachel, who studied interior design, will bring your vision to life. Working within your budget, and knowing what is seasonal and possible in Thailand, she can help both those looking for guidance and inspiration and those who have been dreaming of this day for a long time!

    If you have chosen one of our package options, you can choose a theme and colour scheme and leave the rest up to us!

  • What size weddings do you coordinate?

    All sizes! We’ve arranged private elopements for the couple only, and weddings with 330 guests. It’s about tapping into your priorities, budget and style and matching that to the best of Thailand, all in a stress-free and great value plan.

  • When is the best time of year to marry in Thailand?

    Thailand offers a warm tropical climate year round. It’s hot all year, at around 28 – 33 degrees daily.

    Based on your schedule, and other plans you wish to work around, we’ll guide you regarding the most suitable location for your wedding based on the time of year that works best for you. For example, the rainy season differs between regions of Thailand, so we’ll ensure you don’t unknowingly book a location that will typically be very wet and windy at that time of year. Similarly, certain times of the year work in with the season changes and offer great value, and others are extremely expensive, for example around New Year in December/January. We’ll always explain this to you from the outset and recommend more affordable times to visit so you have the most privacy, choice of quality suppliers, and best value accommodation for your group, as well as nice days to enjoy the pool and beach.

    We always have a Plan B, a back up in case of rain for your celebration. Proposing venues that don’t charge extra for this is our focus, to keep your costs down, but it’s important you love the back up location regardless as we can’t control the weather so this is a key element we discuss prior to you locking in a venue.

  • Do you plan weddings/events at villas and resorts?


    We have great experience with both venue styles, and large city hotels in Bangkok too.

    We’ll recommend the best suited venues (resorts and villas) for you to choose from after discussing a range of factors, such as your budget, group size, plan for your group holiday, ideal finishing time for your event, accommodation budget for your guests and other factors.

    Both have advantages and disadvantages, varying cost structures, and rain back up options, and requirements around guests visiting/staying, and music finishing times, and nearby accommodation for those on different budgets.

    Villas typically require that everything from staff to cutlery, rain protection and power back up is brought in, whereas resorts have robust teams, and, sometimes, stylish air-conditioned, ocean view back up options for your reception in case of rain. Both can offer exceptional privacy, and later finishing times for your party depending on the particular venue and locations and entertainment used/time of year etc.

  • When will we need to pay for our event?

    We try to stagger payments to best assist you with preparing for your special event and holiday.

    For example, you’ll typically pay a deposit to get planning underway, and a second deposit to lock in your chosen venue on your preferred date, and then have a big break from any payments. Your accommodation will be payable about six months prior to your event, with the majority of costs, such as for food and drink, not required until two months prior to your event, once your guest numbers are finalised. We understand guest numbers take time to finalise, and we don’t want you to be paying for guests that aren’t able to attend.

    Guests can pay individually for their accommodation via your wedding website that we’ll create for you, with discounted accommodation rates negotiated at a range of handpicked properties to suit a range of budgets and families  that work in well with your venue and group.