Kate & Brendon

Phuket, Thailand

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It’s hard to know where to start in how much praise we can heap on you for organising the very best day of our lives!  Without your attention to detail and meticulous planning it would not have been the brilliant wedding that it was – you nailed it!

We met up with you for the first time 16 months before our big day because we originally planned to be married earlier.  You didn’t falter when we had to postpone for family health reasons and we know that you could have pulled it off in just a few months if that’s what we had required.

We really appreciated our catch ups over coffee and the odd glass of wine on a warm day and every question we could think of, you had already answered before we got to ask them!

Your recommendations of hotels and venues were fantastic and we struggled to decide on which of the amazing options you offered us – all were of the very best standard and at the best possible rates.  The styling, menu and drinks options were great and we were so pleased with how you really “got” our way of thinking.  The flowers were gorgeous; the food was incredible and the cocktails so very delicious!

We had family and friends making the journey to our wedding from the UK and different parts of Australia and I know they appreciated the quick responses to accommodation queries they had.  We were so fortunate that you could get discounted rates at the hotel we stayed at because it made the days leading up to and the days after the wedding so much fun to be around everyone we loved.  There was something for everyone, but particularly the pool bar was the overall winner of the holiday!!

Although Mother Nature had something to say with rather a lot of rain (torrential flooding!) it meant a few last minute changes, knowing you were both there to sort out a Plan B put our minds at rest and we both agree that it was really “Plan B for Bloody Awesome”!!!

All our guests had the most wonderful holiday and some rave about it being the best wedding they’ve ever been to.  We agree!

So, six months have flown by since we were married and we’re still waxing lyrical about our wedding holiday and wish we were back on Samui with our friends and family again – perhaps an anniversary party might be in order?!

Honestly, the whole experience of working with you both was top notch and we can’t thank you enough.

To all almost new clients for Take us to Thailand – how many more testimonials do you really need to read?!  Just pick up the phone or send an email NOW and trust Anna and Natalie to plan your beautiful Thailand wedding.