Batya & Terry


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When we decided to get married with six weeks’ notice, neither of us envisioned how much work goes into planning a wedding and especially in a foreign country. However, we were very fortunate (and wise) to have Take us to Thailand assist us with all the planning and preparations.

Take us to Thailand have immense knowledge and experience planning weddings in Thailand and their great attention to detail ensures everything is considered. From the venue to flowers to photographer to table settings – nothing was left to chance and their prior experience and advice only makes the decision making process so much easier!

Our wedding was challenging, not only due to the short notice but was a traditional Jewish wedding. Take us to Thailand quickly got up to speed on the all the customary rules and assisted us in organising kosher food and other traditional requirements.

Our wedding day was a dream come true and everything turned out perfectly minus any stress or worries.

The ceremony was held on the beach, just before sunset, followed by a cocktail party and dinner for 30 guests.  We partied and had so much fun, and not for one minute did we have to worry about anything.

The best advice I can give to any couple about to get married, is engage the assistance of a reputable wedding coordinator and leave it to the experts!

Thank you for all your hard work, energy and ongoing support.