Antonette & Kelvin

Phuket, Thailand

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We would like to thank you two for the fantastic job that you did with not only oganising our wedding and our trip, but for also organising us.

We found Take us to Thailand when we weren’t even sure which country we where going get married in.  You replied within 5 minutes of our first email and for the next 6 months you never seemed to ever take any longer to reply by either email or phone.

Catering and advising us on our many unusual requests, you two just made it all happen.  We had little to no idea of how to go about everything and armed only with your checklist we left Australia.  Everywhere we went everyone seemed prepped on what we needed to do and when.

We, as many of our guests, have so many wonderful memories of Thailand and we never would have found them without you two.  Im sure most people have the fondest memories of their wedding day but we certainly had our expectations exceeded with the whole week.

Its obvious that you have excellent relationships with the guys on the ground in Thailand, the staff at all venues really did know exactly what was to happen and when, even if we didnt’!

The staff at all venues where so cheery, polite and helpful that it was very difficult to leave and start our honeymoon in another country.

Antonette & Kelvin