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Thailand had always been a very special place to my husband and I so choosing our wedding destination wasn’t a hard decision to make.
We had been to Thailand many times before so we thought it would be easy to arrange a wedding there. We were very wrong. We were overwhelmed with all the options and couldn’t decide where the best location/venue for us would be.

Luckily, we stumbled upon take us to Thailand. We contacted the girls and within days they arranged a skype chat with us. We were very impressed from the word go. The girls new their stuff, and once they had a feel for the type of people we were, they chose venues that they thought would suit us and our guests the best.

Everything ran very smoothly and we really didn’t experience any wedding stress at all. Even on the wedding day Take us to Thailand  took care of everything, all we had to worry about was getting ready and being at the venue on time. I am very proud to say there wasn’t one bridezilla moment!

Looking back on our day, there isn’t anything that we would have changed. We are both really glad we had Take us to Thailand plan our wedding and think it was well worth the initial fee. They had great attention to detail, great rapport with the venue, and were very easy to deal with. I have since recommended them to other friends considering weddings in Thailand. In my opinion it’s the only way to do it!