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Like many of you, I thought I had it under control. I was organised, discerning, and budget conscious. I’d seen my beautiful venue in Thailand, I had a guest list, and was getting stuck into Esty, thinking of all the pretty things I could have for our wedding day.

Then disaster struck.

Three months after we had signed our contract, our medium-sized venue told us they had booked a 400-person wedding on the same day as ours. The money, they said, was too good to refuse.

We were devastated. The invites had already been printed and some of our 80 guests had been making non-refundable bookings at hotels nearby, on our advice to get in early.

After a few distraught days, I hit google and found Take Us To Thailand straight away, firing off an email to Anna who responded within minutes. She assured me that we could still have the wedding of our dreams at another location, and that she could help fix whatever had begun to unravel.

I know now that I could have not done it without this incredible team. Their indepth knowledge of how things work in Thailand, was invaluable. No question was too silly, or too small for them to answer. They just knew the best way of doing things.

From the legalities – ‘How far is it from the embassy to the translation office? How long do I need to wait at the registry office?’, to the suppliers – ‘Who does the best make-up? What are the DJ options?, and even the quirky – Can you find me an elephant? – they’ve got it covered. They also provided us with a range of options, allowing us to spend or save money where we wanted to.

We had two really experienced team members there on the day with us, ensuring the fine details were taken care of and that it all ran smoothly. If there were problems, we didn’t hear about it. They just made it all happen. It really was all that we could have wished for. They created a stunning ceremony and reception for us, which had been designed by the team from ideas we had sent them.

It did rain – all day – but I have to admit, it didn’t make a difference. Our guests had no idea that we had moved to backup venues. Everything seemed to be effortlessly transferred across to different parts of the resort, and redesigned to fit that new venue. I have been told by so many of our friends and family, that it was the most amazing party they’d been to – and that was just the sort of relaxed atmosphere this wonderful team helped us to create.  Their hard work also continued the next day at another stunning venue for our farewell dinner and cocktails, topping off our magical week in Phuket.

Brooke and Beau